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The intended use of this website is to allow music and art appreciation visitors to come to this site, learn about JET III aka James E. Thoubboron III and view different areas of visual art, artistic interests and examples of fine art. Thoubboron means Thor Bear and is a name that was changed into English from a Norse spelling. Thor the Viking God, was the first part of the name and Bjorn, or Bear is the second part of the name. It is pronounced differently by many different family members, but for this site we will use Thor-Boron, or as close as a Viking would pronounce it Thoub-Boron. There has been a James Thoubboron in America since the early days and the first business since coming to the USA from England was a thread company. Later a famous card company "Gibson Cards" was the family business. Gibson Cards is still in business today. The name James Edward Thoubboron III is very long and for most people, hard to pronounce, so JET III the initials are used instead. This site is open to the public for everyone to view.

This site will function to provide a web-based Internet site where JET III Art and Thoubboron data can be viewed on-line from anywhere in the world.   Since there are so many JET III artworks in various sizes, styles, and media produced since 1979, and the name has been handed down since the days of the Vikings, it will be important to enable a viewer to easily navigate to the type, style, size, media, or price range of their choice.



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