A Dog's Life

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A painting of a Dog

A Dog's Life - Portrait of Timmy (The Wonder Dog) Mooshalay Thoubboron, is a large oil painting by JET III, and is 60" X 50" in size - Click on the photo for a larger view...

Oil on linen circa 1988-2007. Is a highly detailed oil painting with some impasto and an interesting surface to it.

A Dog's Life painting by JET III A Dog's Life painting by JET III

This large sized oil on linen of Timmy has a long history. I originally found Mooshalay at an ASPCA shelter in Brooklyn one day when he was just a puppy. He was found all alone on the rough streets, at such a young age, abandoned and afraid. They told he he was a Terrier Mix, and that he was like a "Heinz 57" with many varieties of dog all mixed together. I found he had a great deal of Grayhound, Golden Retriever and even some German Sheppard all mixed into the pot. In order to keep him I had to promise to bring him back and get him neutered. I never felt right about it, but kept my promise. Once I paid to get him out of there, he never left my side for a year. When he did, he had some adventurous accidents and quickly learned to look both ways for cars when crossing the road. By that time he could run almost 30 miles per hour for an extended distance without tiring. He could run around Prospect Park at full gallop and was the only dog to ever escape out of a large kennel on Long Island, because he could jump straight up to an incredible height. He went over the fence without a problem and jumped right into the back of a customer's car seat. He was ready to go when caught.

We went to the Gateway National Seashore together as he grew up almost every day, it was where I was painting at that time. My Marine park Series of paintings was done there in "Dead Horse Bay". He would wear a little blue suit to keep him warm and we would be there all day in the dead of winter. It might sound funny, but I taught him how to speak two things "Out and Food" and he got so good at it that friends used to laugh and say he should be on TV. In Brooklyn he had many friends that he romped and played with and he was a crime fighter and personally assisted in capturing many a late night thief breaking into cars in our neighborhood.

This painting was begun in 1988 and was finished being painted shortly thereafter.On the way to an art show it blew off the roof of my painted Cadillac (due to poor packing) like a sail, knocking almost all the paint off on the highway. Amazingly the linen was still fine, even the oil primer was almost untouched and there was enough of the original painting left to see the design perfectly.

A Dog's Life painting by JET III
It was re-painted and this process has been going on since that time. It is now a highly detailed oil painting with some impasto and an interesting surface to it. It is also better than it ever was. 60" x 50" in size this large Representational, Expressionistic painting combines elements of Impressionism, Realism and colorful Abstraction all melded together.

A Dog's Life painting by JET III

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