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These are a collection of JET III Photographs of the different guitars that I own, or have owned in the past. Please feel free to click on the image and enjoy the large images, videos of the guitar in Action, or to request more information.

Aria Pro II LS-450, Black Pearl Bass, Aria Pro II LS-450, Ibanez DT 150

African Satinwood Black Pearl Acoustic (back), Black Pearl, Gibson Paul Gilbert Signature, Black pearl Custom Bass

SX Pirate & BP Bass, African Satinwood Black Pearl Acoustic, Aria Pro II Straycat 1984, Black Pearl Bass

Klira Classical, Gibson SG Jr. w/ T.Iommi Pickup 1991, Fender Midnight Wine Telecaster 1997, Lot



Klira Ohio 1966 Blues Jam w/Jim Perrini

Lift the Decade Bass Player

Surf Green 62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster

Guitars: Rock/Metal

JET IV You Tube Performances

JET IV Cover Song = Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" Shred Guitar Cover & Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and Flames" Guitar Shred Cover



2002 Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special

2002 Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special

Dennis Mac is seen and heard in this video on You Tube, testing out a Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special in Amber Quilt. Dennis also did work for me on the Floyd Rose Bridge, by installing upgrades to the weight and claw. The original parts were also retained.

2002 Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special
Now Available: Dennis' Custom Made Alnico II, V Magnet Humbuckers in Nickel or Chrome $85.00, or in Gold $95.00. With your choice of (Ohms) Output Level.

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