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Last of the Mohicans

An Abstract Landscape Painting This is a large colorful painting from 1985. It measures 118" x 84"in size and is done with acrylic on canvas. It is a free flowing composition with hidden figures, and is a free hanging painting (No Stretcher Bars, or has the option of being stretched). It can be displayed a variety of ways. This large acrylic painting on canvas has grommets holes approx. every 16" all the way around, for hanging purposes. The painting features hidden elements, including native representations.
JET III's work is a progressive reaction to society and is an effigy to life in general. Built on imagination, experimentation and observation, the work disregards personal style and symbolism by maintaining in endless form, color combinations, transformations manifestations, an efflorescence of artistic precedents and ideals, a kaleidoscope of dissimilar modes of expression and range of endeavor. The work is never complete; it's always in process. Conveniently the artist to promote, market, and advertise his work has utilized the initials JETIII. He has had numerous exhibitions in New York City and in the Tri-State Area. Begun in 1979 as a giant progression, the body of artwork has evolved into an amazing array or artistic precedents including reversible paintings, convertible sculpture, and hundreds of drawings done on the L.l.R.R., buses and subway trains. The idea of a progression is a modern concept where each painting is a step by step idea process elevating the artist to a higher level and broader spectrum of activities.

Sky Line

A Winter Landscape Painting with a view of NYC

A Uniquely Framed Oil Painting

Sky Line: This is an oil painting on linen that has been framed in an interesting manner. The old barn/driftwood frame has been covered over fresh hardwood poplar lumber and incorporates elements from the forest floor which has been enclosed by plexiglass. The painting was painted on the edge of a cliff around 1993. It seems as if you are looking out a window or doorway through the edge of the forest. The skyline of Manhattan is visible from the top of the hilltop some 25 miles away. The plain of Bergen New Jersey is located below the mountain between the city and stretches out across the scene. The painting is 36" x 25" and framed it measures 38" square.

Abstract expressionism. Environmentalism. Pop art. Undoubtedly, JET III, can be classified into any one of these artistic genres. But what does this really say about his works or his artistic aims? Connecting to humanity through his creative efforts is more important to him than trivial material gains, and this has always been evident in both his life's choices and his innovative paintings. Early on, he preferred living on the edge instead of opting for a more comfortable lifestyle and has continuously sacrificed necessities just to keep creating art. It started as a young man when he plunged into the artistic world at a crucial period in his existence. As his parents forbade him to pursue his new infatuation with his creative side in favor of practicality, he went up against them in order to fulfill his destiny.

Since the 1980's, JET III has created thousands of paintings, drawings, and sculptures that reflect his own personal take on artistic form and ideas on improving society. Initially, his appreciation for artists such as Picasso and Warhol manifested itself in his imagination and became apparent in his works. Art History was a popular subject in his paintings as he strove to honor the previous masters and make a statement using silk-screens of their visages. He employed a new form of pointillism that had a flow and grace not seen in previous eras, making and breaking artistic barriers with each new piece of art. JET III also pioneered the "Reversible" painting where each side contains a separate tour de force. Although he has had numerous solo gallery shows in his lifetime, including his most recent at Kean University, he has always remained part of the counterculture of the art society and never fully embraced by critics. In fact, it seems he has slipped beneath nearly all reviewer's radars during his gallery show epoch, mostly due to the combination of the critics utter absence and the dying art scene of Greenwich Village in the late 80's. JET III also was part of the performance art movement in the Village while other commercial creators were more preoccupied with extravagant events uptown.

After he married his wife, and had a child, JET III was faced with a difficult decision ahead of him: should he continue struggling against the elements as an underground artist and raise his child in Brooklyn or move his developing family to a different environment for a fresh start? In the end, he chose to relocate to a small suburb of New Jersey. Besides working various office jobs, JET III revamped antique furniture and became a certified art teacher, in addition to having a second child. The woodsy landscape of Ringwood influenced him to pick up an increasingly naturalistic manner of painting in the coming years. As he matured and developed his own unique, expressionistic style, he grew more knowledgeable and open-minded about the globe surrounding him.

Now that James is older and wiser, he is eager to pass on his all-encompassing experiences to future generations. Progression is his goal and he believes that the populace must embrace artistic change and individuality in order to evolve successfully. To quote him, "I hope that since my work was done for humanity's benefit, society will one day realize I am giving up a good part of my life and happiness to make it for them." A mission state so straightforward and honest cannot be denied, and in our modern world, it seems rare to find such simplicity. JET III has never put money ahead of his masterpieces, and all that he requests now from the world is a fraction of the art appreciation that he has bestowed throughout his life thus far.

An Abstract Landscape Painting
Abstract Flo-Landscape
Artists and Lincoln ca 1989
Proclamation Conglomeration
An interesting landscape painting of NYC seen from afar

Sky Line
An interesting drawing of Men

Border Lines

The work has been described as being a giant progression, the process involved in the creation of the body of work has led to many new inventions and returns in cyclical fashion to work that was started at earlier times then evolved into new artworks with compositions based on early ideas. This amazing array of artistic creations include JET's precedents which include reversible paintings, convertible sculpture, modern impressionism, fantasy portraits of famous artists, etc., Maximal Art, Performance Action Paintings and Environmental/Recycled Art.

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